About Us

The Mid-South Cartoonists Association (MSCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of professional cartoonists, aspiring cartoonists, and enthusiasts.

Early in 1987, a small group of professional cartoonists came together to form The Memphis Cartoonists Group. The name didn’t stick. By December of that year, for the third meeting and first official newsletter, the name had become The Mid-South Cartoonist Association (with the word ‘Cartoonist’ becoming plural in 2000). The MSCA was created to bring together cartooning professionals, aspiring professionals and enthusiasts of all ages. Since its origins, the group has put its creative strengths behind various cartooning classes, appearances, fundraisers, art shows, anthology comics/zines, monthly drawing nights, and more.

Whether young or old, published or aspiring- if you love cartoons, drawn to comics, and just like drawing funny the MSCA is the group/association for you!

If you’d like more info on becoming a member or joining our mailing list please shoot us an email, follow us on social media, or give our Drawing Funny Podcast a listen.

Email: midsouthcartoonists@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/midsouthcartoonists/

Twitter: @MSCA_Memphis

Instagram: @midsouthcartoonists

Podcast: www.drawingfunny.com

Note: due to current circumstances we are not holding any of our normal in person events such as our monthly drawing nights and dinners, but are doing some events virtually.