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Here are some of our current MSCA members, and where to find them on the web!


Kevin L. Williams

Kevin is the founder of Kevin L. Williams Productions and creator of Muley the Mule and Friends (comics and puppets). He served as President of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association, once a sub-chapter of the National Cartoonists’ Society’s Southeastern Chapter, from 2000-2012 and again from 2018 – present, co-chairing events and art shows, including workshops, on behalf of the MSCA as well as other groups and associations, including speaking engagements such as the Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA.While his comics have been published in all forms of print in national and international print, The Muley and Friends Show puppets have been presented in nearly all media and live shows on the same stage as Snoop Dog, The Blues Brothers Band, and Huey Lewis and the News, leading to auditions with the Jim Henson Company, Sesame Workshop, and The Walt Disney Company. Since 1995, he has been editor of MAW Productions’ Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Shinobi: Ninja Princess graphic novel series, and has contributed art and services to works and shows of other businesses. He has edited the MSCA’s two anthologies as well as comics for other businesses and associations. 2018 co-founded the fan group Memphis Ghostbusters Franchise.

Instagram: @kevin_muley
Twitter: @KevinAndMuley


Lin Workman

Lin is the creator of the webcomic/geek travel blog Have Geek Will Travel, the webcomic Scared Silly , and is co-creator of the self-published comic book series Bushi Tales.  He has been an artist and screen printer in the t-shirt industry for over 30 years and designed monuments for five years as a graphic artist. He has done his fair share of freelance work and contributed his talents other comics/zines, novels, trading card sets, and murals. Lin served as the President and Vice-President of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association (MSCA) for 4 years and 9 years, respectively- and is the MSCA‘s assistant webmaster and the host of the MSCA’s podcast Drawing Funny. Lin is also a member of the DeSoto Arts Council and the Memphis Ghostbusters. He’s married to the MSCA‘s webmaster Nicki Workman, and has 3 kitties- Jarael, Lex, and Lena.

Twitter: @linworkman
Instagram: @linworkmanart


Dale Martin

Creating comics featuring his original characters since 1982, Dale is a Memphis-basedartist, writer, & publisher. He’s best known for a comic you’ve probably never heard of, Watusi the Talking Dogfortunately, you can rectify that at Inspired by Tim Corrigan and the small press scene of the mid-80s, Dale still enjoys self-publishing his comics. Crafting the finished form of a project is as much a part of his artistic process as the words or the pictures. In addition to his self-published work, Dale has had comics published in anthologies across the country. 

Twitter: @smearysoapbox
Instagram: @smearysoapbox


Antonio D. Johnson
Antonio is a freelance cover/pinup artist and graphic designer. Also, he’s the  creator, writer, and artist of the highly anticipated novic BluffCityBlues. He has created pinups for MAW Productions’ Turra: Gun Angle and Shinobi: Ninja Princess. He has also done work for and is a contributor at InkPot Comics.
Instagram: @_adjdesign


Greg Gravens

Greg began his cartooning career at fourteen, drawing a weekly comic strip for the Jackson Banner, which shut its doors six weeks later.  At sixteen he drew caricatures of guests at Nashville’s theme park Opryland, which then shut down to become a mall.  At twenty-two, he took a graphic design degree from Memphis State University, which then changed its name.  Leaving this trail of destruction, he went into Advertising- an industry that rightly deserves a good kneecapping. Discovering that Advertising was some kind of zombie immortal horror, he returned to his first love: Newspaper comic strips.  And you see where that’s led.  He’s also done editorial cartooning and comic books, so keep an eye on those poor souls.  These days, he cartoons in books, and corporate training presentations, and even still draws caricatures at events because everyone needs to get out of the studio now and again.
Instagram: @greg_cravens/
Twitter: @Hubriscomics


Jim Palmer

Jim is a freelance cartoonist who has created a number of comic strips over the years, including LI’L E: The World’s Youngest Elvis Impersonator. He has provided illustrations for Scholastic Teaching Resources, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, and Voices of the South Theatre Company. He is currently producing several packages of clip art for his Teachers pay Teachers online store: PALMER’S PIX.


Kevin Thorn

Kevin is the Chief NuggetHead at NuggetHead Studioz, LLC. where he designs interactive instructional comics and learning games for big companies. Retired veteran of both the US Army and the corporate cubicle farm, Kevin now spends his days either slinging ink for clients or teaching others how to slink ink.
Twitter: @learnnuggets


Gracie Smith
Hey there Reader!!
My name is Grace Smith, I’m a Young Artist but I’ve been drawing for a while. I’m currently 18 and a Senior at Horn Lake High, I’ve been drawing ever since I took a crayon to my wall as a child. I hope to show my art in a nice positive way that I can show and I hope you enjoy so as well.
Have a Good Day!
YouTube: Creator Grace
Instagram: @warrior_grace55


Nicki Workman

Nicki is the resident MSCA tech-geek/webmaster and container of limitless useless knowledge. She is a fan of Star Wars, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Muppets, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, video games, comics, soccer and hockey. Nicki has been a regular panelist at MidSouthCon in Memphis, and an occasional guest on the Drawing Funny podcast. She is married to Lin Workman and is currently working on her Masters degree..!

Twitter: @TNPredsFan
Twitter: @NWorkmanPhoto
Instagram: @nworkmanphoto


Tim JonesSour Grapes, in 2013, which is currently published in multiple newspapers throughout Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, California and Texas. Tim is a member of ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors) and a member of The National Cartoonists Society.