Members Directory

Here are some of our current MSCA members, and where to find them on the web. If you’re a member and want to be added to this page please give Kev or Lin a yell!

Kevin L. Williams

Kevin is the founder of Kevin L. Williams Productions and creator of Muley the Mule and Friends (comics and puppets). He served as President of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association (once a sub-chapter of the National Cartoonists’ Society’s Southeastern Chapter) from 2000-2012 and again from 2018 – present…which make’s him the longest acting MSCA president! He has co-chaired events and art shows, including workshops, on behalf of the MSCA as well as other groups and associations, including speaking engagements such as the Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. While his comics have been published in all forms of print in national and international print, The Muley and Friends Show puppets have been presented in nearly all media and live shows on the same stage as Snoop Dog, The Blues Brothers Band, and Huey Lewis and the News, leading to auditions with the Jim Henson Company, Sesame Workshop, and The Walt Disney Company. Since 1995, he has been editor of MAW Productions’ Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Shinobi: Ninja Princess graphic novel series, and has contributed art and services to works and shows of other businesses. He has edited the MSCA’s two anthologies as well as comics for other businesses and associations. In 2016 he co-founded the fan group Memphis Ghostbusters Franchise with fellow Ghosthead and MSCA member Lin Workman.

Instagram: @kevin_muley
Twitter: @KevinAndMuley


Lin Workman

Lin is the creator of the webcomic/geek travel blog Have Geek Will Travel, the webcomic Scared Silly, is co-creator of the self-published comic book series Bushi Tales, and was co-founder of The Wild Hare/Animated Jack’s retail stores. He has been an artist and screen printer in the t-shirt industry for over 35 years, and designed monuments for five years as a graphic artist. He has done his fair share of freelance artwork and contributed his talents other comic-books/zines/web-toons, novels, trading card sets, ad-specialty merch, and murals, as well as being featured in several magazines and newspapers. Currently he works part time at 901 Comics East, and draws occasional sketchcards, sketchcovers, and web-comics. Lin has served as the President and Vice-President of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association (MSCA) for 4 years and 9 years, respectively- and has been an MSCA member since the club’s infancy back in the late ’80s. These days he is the MSCA‘s co-webmaster/social media director, and the host of the MSCA’s podcast Drawing Funny. Lin is also a member of the DeSoto Arts Council and the Memphis Ghostbusters. He’s married to the MSCA‘s webmaster/tech-geek/advisor Nicki Workman, and has 3 kitties- Jarael, Lex, and Lena.

Twitter: @linworkman
Instagram: @linworkmanart


Dale Martin

Creating comics featuring his original characters since 1982, Dale is a Memphis-basedartist, writer, & publisher. He’s best known for a comic you’ve probably never heard of, Watusi the Talking Dogfortunately, you can rectify that at Inspired by Tim Corrigan and the small press scene of the mid-80s, Dale still enjoys self-publishing his comics. Crafting the finished form of a project is as much a part of his artistic process as the words or the pictures. In addition to his self-published work, Dale has had comics published in anthologies across the country. 

Twitter: @smearysoapbox
Instagram: @smearysoapbox


Antonio D. Johnson

Antonio is a freelance cover/pinup artist and graphic designer. Also, he’s the  creator, writer, and artist of the highly anticipated novic BluffCityBlues. He has created pinups for MAW Productions’ Turra: Gun Angle and Shinobi: Ninja Princess. He has also done work for and is a contributor at InkPot Comics.

Instagram: @_adjdesign


Greg Gravens

Greg Cravens is a Memphis based cartoonist with more clients served than it’d be wise to shake a stick at. He’s provided comic strips, caricatures, puzzles and games, humorous illustrations, and children’s books for newspapers, government agencies, ad agencies, restaurants, sports teams, individuals, children’s hospitals, universities, and heaven only knows what else. He’s old and he’s always busy- you know how things add up. Greg is the current membership chairman for the National Cartoonists Society/NCS. He is also one of the earliest MSCA members and is still very active in the group and local convention scene. He is the artist/writer on the syndicated comic strip The Buckets and the webcomic Hubris, and lends his art talents to the comic book Stoned Ninja.

Instagram: @greg_cravens/
Twitter: @Hubriscomics


Jim Palmer

Jim is a freelance cartoonist who has created a number of comic strips over the years, including LI’L E: The World’s Youngest Elvis Impersonator. He has provided illustrations for Scholastic Teaching Resources, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, and Voices of the South Theatre Company. He is currently producing several packages of clip art for his Teachers pay Teachers online store: PALMER’S PIX. He and his wife JoLynn can frequently be seen acting in theater productions around the Memphis area, or occasional TV and movie appearances. Jim is also one of the earliest MSCA members and is still very active in the group, even when acting up around town.


Kevin Thorn

Kevin is the Chief NuggetHead at NuggetHead Studioz, LLC. where he designs interactive instructional comics and learning games for big companies. Retired veteran of both the US Army and the corporate cubicle farm, Kevin now spends his days either slinging ink for clients, teaching others how to sling ink, serving as a member of the City of Hernando planning commission, or working on his PhD. He’s also been known to workshop games and play with LEGO.

Twitter: @learnnuggets


Gracie Smith

Hey there Reader!!
My name is Grace Smith, I’m a Young Artist but I’ve been drawing for a while. I’m currently 18 and a Senior at Horn Lake High, I’ve been drawing ever since I took a crayon to my wall as a child. I hope to show my art in a nice positive way that I can show and I hope you enjoy so as well.
Have a Good Day!

YouTube: Creator Grace
Twitter: @WarriorGrace55
Instagram: @warrior_grace55
TikTok: @creatorgrace55


Nicki Workman

Nicki is the resident MSCA tech-geek/webmaster (who works in the aviation field) and is a self-proclaimed container of limitless useless knowledge. She is a fan of Star Wars, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Muppets, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, video games, comics, soccer and hockey. Nicki has been a regular panelist and moderator at MidSouthCon in Memphis, an occasional guest on the MSCA’s Drawing Funny podcast, and an avid amateur photographer. She is married to the MSCA’s Lin Workman and is currently working on her Masters degree…almost there! She is also the mother of three fur babies.

Twitter: @TNPredsFan
Twitter: @NWorkmanPhoto
Instagram: @nworkmanphoto


Peter Melonas

Peter Melonas has been a professional illustrator, and graphic designer. Along the way, he has built upon the visual language comics artists have been developing for more than a century.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Many collectors choose a particular area to collect, while others prefer a more eclectic approach and many have a little of everything! I like to break down my artwork into two subsets: Look at my talent and Tell Me what’s on your walls. what is your passion? I want to grab my viewers right away both emotionally and visually. I want my art to produce a positive and unforgettable “first impression. In other words, I try to prompt viewers to want to find out more about me and my work. I want to give viewers the opportunity to step into my world for a few minutes.”

Peter is also a member of Artists’ Link in Memphis.



Tim Jones

Tim Jones is the creator, artist and writer of the widely popular, self-syndicated comic strip; Sour Grapes about ‘Aesop’, a miserable-flying dog, living in a
 strange, problematic and troubled world along with his odd family and pet cloud, ‘Ominous’.
 Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Tim lives with his wife and two daughters in Smithfield, RI. He is a cartoonist, freelance illustrator, author and comedian. He is also a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the Mid-South Cartoonists Association. He teaches cartooning, speaks at local schools and libraries and appears at various events, Comic-Cons and book signings.
 Tim created Sour Grapes in 2014 and the strip found its way into print, starting in two newspapers in Rhode Island. Soon after, the strip continued its success and started to appear in more and more newspapers. Today, Sour Grapes continues to grow in popularity and can now be seen in multiple newspapers across the country!

Instagram:     @sourgrapes2017
Twitter:         @sourgrapescomic

Terence B. Washington

” I truly believe art is where the head, hand, and heart are one.”

Terence is a married father of two wonderful kids, a great loving wife, and a veteran of the United States Air Force. He has loved art his entire life and considers art as a gift, blessing, and friend. He has rendered paintings, and worked in multiple mediums. He has also published a children’s book where he did all of the illustrations and text.

Terence enjoys all genres of art including photography and his style is as spiritual and passionate as his love for art drives and sustains him. His primary medium is acrylic paint but has aspirations to created 3D renderings, mixed media, and sculpting. Additionally, Terence has aspirations of owning an international gallery enabling involvement in the global community , with the goal of creating a positive effect on our world especially children.

Terence currently resides in Memphis, TN, after relocating from North Carolina. He also lived in Canada for several years where he gained a global perspective of the contributions and responsibilities of Americans.

His artwork has sold at the Swann Auction Gallery of New York, local sales and promotions through Church exhibitions.


Lonnie Easterling

Hi, my name is Lonnie Easterling. When I was a baby, my grandfather nicknamed me “Spud”. Since November 2008 I have been drawing and posting my silly single panel cartoons. Now they can all be found in one place along with brand new panels! Check out the Archives on my website. There’s hundreds of these goofy things! If you’d like to contact me, my social links and website info are below.



DaMarco Randle

Born in the swamplands of Brinkley, Arkansas, my interest for art began at a very young age. My art interest really peaked as I began watching a 6 a.m. TV show called “Pappyland”.

It was a program that taught us young ones how to draw using basic shapes and having fun while doing it. This allowed me to practice and try to perfect my craft. I then discovered Bob Ross’s program which helped me develop techniques in painting. As I graduated high school, I was recommended by my art instructor to Memphis College of Art. ​

Having learned so much to perfect my craft from the school, I am now a Memphis College of Art Graduate with a major in painting and a sculpting minor.  I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and it all started because of a TV show.  Since then, I have won numerous awards, assisting with one of Memphis’s most gifted artists with murals at Bruce Elementary School, Memphis International Airport, and so much more.

I have now learned to absorb the art that I was taught, breaking boundaries within my mind to expand my knowledge in the field. Being a person of color there were boundaries I had growing up, but I didn’t care. I had purpose and ambitions. Life wasn’t always an easy task, having to escape social battles through art and the means to create no matter how hard life got. Just as my life changed to beat obstacles, my art changed.

Nowadays, I focus on my own forms of characterization. That means I’m creating characters based on my psyche that will tell my life story in an abstract manner. In creating the many worlds and its habitats, I like to look to the original conflict of the stories from my life experiences. I have developed a technique to create nuance in these places that exist in my head, based on my hometown of Brinkley, Arkansas. This all illustrates past experiences that resulted in this body of work. With portraiture, abstraction and realism these personalities and portrayal of those from the past emerge gradually through the different styles of painting.



Austin Almond

Is an artist who enjoys combining traditional animation, with modern comic styles.
He loves pushing his limits, and finding new ways to things, while honoring all of the Sunday Morning cartoons, he adores.

Eric McMeans 

A Memphis native, Eric McMeans comes from a fine arts background but has had a passion for comic art his entire life. He is currently illustrating his first full length comic, “M’Kai the Merciless”, and looks forward to creating many more.



Katie Jones

Being born into a ravenous snarky pack of French Canadians in Memphis TN, Katie Jones qualifies as both the annoying younger sister who followed her oldest brother from comic shop to comic shop and let her read comics that were probably inappropriate for a small child to read. After promising her grandmother in 4th grade she would go to the Memphis College of Art she did just that and went on to get a BFA in painting and later on a Masters of Art in Teaching in Art Education to spread the joy and chaos of art to kids in Kindergarten to 12th grade which she has done fully licensed since 2010. Along the way she acquired a husband, whom she met on MySpace, and produced a chaotic neutral child of their own. She splits her time between working for conventions, teaching, running with the Mid-South Cartoonists Association, Artists Link Memphis, MidsouthCon, running a business, and communing with the animal of her people, the Canadian Goose, even though she is a permanently exhausted Pigeon.

Charlie Forrester

Charlie has been a native Memphian his entire life. He has grown as an artist over that time taking in the sights and sounds of the delta as inspiration. Spending his formative years imitating master artists in the world of comics, Charlie’s first love was pencil and pen illustration and sequential art. Taking in every artistic influence that he encountered over the years in the big, small town of Memphis he began developing a knack for painting large scale public art. Over the years Charlie has created murals for local businesses and schools, including Central BBQ, Kroger, Memphis Animal Shelter, and many others. Charlie is always working, taking on clients in need of illustration and animation as well as fine art paintings. When he is not creating art he is instructing the next generation of amazing Memphis illustrators and painters as the head art teacher at Overton High School. Charlie creates with the support of his amazing wife Becky, and their four children. 

Instagram: @cforresterart


Jason Negen

Jason Negen is the creator, writer and artist of the fantasy adventure comic Aura (Available on, and the young superheros-in-training comic New Extremes, published under his creator owned banner Dreamscape 9 Productions. He is a fan of several genres and styles, and plans to dabble in them all; from horror to comedy, from sci-fi to steam punk. He has written for children’s safety comics and videos and is a graphic designer by trade. He has many more projects in the works, including the cyberpunk comic The Tempest and a currently untitled horror novella.
Instagram: @jason_r_negen
Twitter: @JasonNegen


Devin Hodges 

Devin is the creator of his self-published comic book series, “The Common Days of Cade”, and also the founder of DIAST Cartoons.
Devin grew up as homeschooled kid in Memphis, TN. His earliest experience with art was drawing and playing with cutouts of his favorte cartoon and video game characters that never had toys made of them. At 11 years old, he participated in a film making course at the “Bits, Bytes, and Bots” summer camp where he learned how to create stop motion films. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in animation. Entering post-secondary education, he enrolled at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Outside of classes, he temporarily joined a comic book start up sparked his interest in creating comics. After that, I transfered to University of Memphis and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.


Twitter: @diastcartoons


Lee Raggs

A corvid with a knack for inks, Lee specializes in comic and illustration works. Lee has created the comic “The Upside Down Theory”, and also does side comics as well. Taking a liking to inks, this feathered friend tends to specialize in dynamic drawings with a range of penwork and craftsmanship. Lee also takes influences from early graphic design, favoring compositions such as poster works. This crow has always been bound to Memphis and receives a lot of influence from there as well. If not drawing, Lee can be found eating Chinese take-out or reading the newest comic they got ahold of.
website:  Alleeway Artz