MSCA Art Show at MidSouth Con

*EDIT: Unfortunately, due to no confirmation responce back from the powers that be at MidSouthCon about the MSCA art panel this opportunity for our members in no longer available. We will still have our “Cinderella” art show at Theatre Memphis this June, be a part of the Memphis Library Comic Con in May, as well as an upcoming return to Germantown Community Theatre laster this year.

“Stay Tooned!” for more updates.

Well, gang- we had another great turnout for this month’s dinner meet-up at Garibaldi’s Pizza this week. Some fun news came out of it, and here’s more from Kev and Katie about it…

Hi, MSCA’ers!

Katie Jones has worked on gaining space in the art show at MidSouthCon.  This is not themed art, and will be a chance to submit your extra pieces for sale!  The art will be due at the March 5th dinner gathering.  The fees have been paid for by Katie Jones and AG Howard, and we’re grateful for them.  There’s a good bit of details below, looking forward to your participation.

Kevin Williams

From Katie…

Hey all,

I was letting everyone in the Mid-South Cartoonists Association know about an opportunity for us at MidsouthCon this March 22 to 24th at the Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center (Olive Branch, MS). Thanks to some donations from A.G. Howard and a few others are getting a chance to have a space within the art show to showcase the MSCA art work of the members within a regional convention that brings in tons of people from the area every year.

MidsouthCon is entering its 39th year of having the convention in the Midsouth region and is the oldest science fiction and fantasy convention in the area. It has turned into a multi genre convention over the years but still at its heart focuses on literary and film with donating part of its proceeds to Literacy Midsouth with guests that donate their time and energy to our convention such as the owners and creators of Looney Labs. The con feature HOURS of programming such as panels, an art show, a vendor hall, artists alley, pro row to meet the guests of the convention an the panelists at dedicated times, cosplay contest, the largest board game library in the region to play, dedicated gaming blocks for larps and impromptu dnd sessions, and more (including a con suite with free food, sodas, and did I mention FREE food?) You can find us online at and on facebook at

So here is the need to know information on this event and showcase of work.

-Hanging Space we have allotted for us to work with is 12 feet long and 4 feet high.

-There is no theme to this show WHATSOEVER. It is a show where people at the convention can buy or bid on the pieces of artwork. You have the option of selling your work or not selling your artwork.

-The convention takes out a 10% handling fee at the end of the event for every piece sold. If you do not sell your work then no money is lost on your end except for the hanging fee. This money is funneled back into the convention for the event for next year

-ALL artwork must be hanging/show ready meaning the piece of artwork must need a wire or something on the back of the piece of art to make it sellable within the space. This also applies to prints which need to be matted and preferably spring wrapped or placed in a print bag with a stiff piece of foam core board/ chipboard / cardboard (preferably acid free) /mat board/ etc with a way to hang it.

-Artwork is arranged in a style that best fits in all of the pieces and not a traditional gallery style. Katie Jones will be putting the work up in the show for the association since she will be there because she is the convention’s vendor hall director and the art show space will be ready before the vendor hall space is allowed to be taken possession of first.

-Each member depending on the number of people, up to 10 or more, showing can enter 1 to 2 pieces depending on the size of the piece, up to 18 x 24 inch size per piece, with a $2 hanging fee of each piece. The fee will go towards any items needed to help members who need help getting the materials for hanging the piece of artwork at the show. Any money left over from the hanging fees will be put into the coffers for the association. (The avobe images are from a previous MSC- meant to show size/type of display panel, not how to hang your art.)

-Members need to submit their pieces electronically via email to Katie – Artsykatie(at)gmail(dot)com and Kevin – midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com with the following information for each piece submitted:

1. an image of the piece you are submitting with your legal government name and the title of the piece in the images file name

2. Size of the piece you are submitting.

3. Name of the piece.

4. PRICING – I need this following information!!! – The con has a pricing system that has to be obeyed here or I will list it as NFS/ Not for Sale. This is an auction and a direct sales gallery. I will insert a) What is your starting minimum bid? The lower the better in some pieces if you are sure you are willing to let it go for that price if no one else has bid on it that weekend. Once the bids have gone above 4 bids then it is taken to the live auction part of the convention. b) If someone wishes to purchase it directly, what price are you willing to sell it for? Someone can skip the auction minimum price if the minimum number of bids to make it go to the live auction have been reached. This price is usually the amount you wish to sell it for honestly. 5. A small 1 paragraph bio of your information of where to find you etc so it can be hung with your work in the area designation for the MSCA art.I am printing these out and hanging it with each person’s work. Logos, etc are fine. 6. Preferred name on the title of the piece to go with the artwork.

One or two months post convention we will receive a check from the convention to the MSCA as a whole of everyone’s sold art work and we will have our spreadsheet confirmed with Jane Venters-Dyke the head of the art show giving everyone their money for their sold pieces to them in cash. Pieces not sold at the convention will be handed back at the next MSCA dinner meeting which will be the first Tuesday in April.


Katie Jones and/Or Kevin Williams will need your artwork no later than Tuesday March 5th at the Dinner Meeting at Garibaldi’s Pizza on Walker Avenue. This will allow us to have time to make sure all pieces of artwork are show ready and give Katie or Kevin time to get them show ready if they are not in any sort of way and get the appropriate stickers or labels on each piece to make hanging each art work a snap at the con. We will discuss details more at the February Meeting during our first Tuesday Dinner for any clarifications.

If you need prior clarifications, please email Katie Jones at Artsykatie(at)gmail(dot)com.

Katie will be at ShadowCon this weekend January 5th and 6th moderating and helping with panels and helping with the cosplay contest, and every Con Comm Meeting for MidsouthCon until the convention in March which are posted on the midsouthCon Facebook page, and Anime Blues Con Remix in the dealer room January 13th and at her panel The Good, The Bad, and The Haim Saban at 1pm in the Workshop room at the Landers Center plus wherever else she can make her way into. Katie’s Calendar of events is at if you want to talk to her in person out in the wild.