“Survey Says…!” – The MSCA Needs Your Imput

Recently MSCA prez Kevin L. Williams and zine editor/publisher Dale Martin each sent out surveys to our members to get their thoughts and opinions on the state of our group, and future plans. Here’s what Kev had to say:

Greetings MSCA’ers!

Below are some survey questions.  Please honestly answer them, and return to me – midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com.  If you want to do it anonymously, you can and send your answers to MSCA/Kevin Williams, PO Box 770397, Memphis, TN 38177.

There are no wrong answers, it’s all to help us make the MSCA better for you and others.  This is not an indication of anything that will definitely happen; but, it’s a foundation to build upon, to give us some ideas of expectations, sharing of ideas, and help us be stronger and better, and become better known as the premiere cartoonists group that we should be.

If there’s something you can think of that hasn’t been thought of below, feel free to add that to your reply, too.

The next dinner gathering is January 2, 2024, at 6pm – 8pm, at Garibaldi’s Pizza, 3530 Walker Ave., Memphis.  Bring art to share, anything promotional that you’d like to add to the freebies table, and money for the delicious food Garibaldi’s has to offer. I’ll have copies of the MSCA Questionnaire for everyone to survey if you haven’t already.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!Sincerely,Kevin WilliamsMSCA Prez

MSCA Survey Questions

-How did you first hear about the MSCA?

-Have you participated in any MSCA events (such as art shows, Drink-N-Draws, Sat-Art-Days, monthly dinners, mini-con/conventions? List any/all that apply, and which event(s) is your favorite?

-Have you participated in any MSCA publications such as the zine or comics?

-If the MSCA had an online store, would you be interested in sharing art for products or publications, or buying MSCA Merchandise?

-Do you follow the MSCA on social media? Which platform(s)?  Are there any social media platforms you enjoy that you would like to see/follow the MSCA on?

-Have you listened to the “Drawing Funny” podcast? Do you have a favorite episode?

-Do you visit the MSCA website? How often- weekly, monthly, quarterly..?

-Have you submitted (bio, caricature, web/social links) to be on the MSCA website’s members page?

-How do you get your MSCA news- email, social media, website, podcast, at events, all of the above, or other? Please list any/all that apply.

-Do you have any news/media contacts that you can share with the MSCA?

-Is there anything you’d like to see the MSCA offer members that it doesn’t currently?

-Is there anything you’d like to see the MSCA do better or different?

-Would you be interested in teaching any classes, help with charities, be a part of an MSCA YouTube channel, and/or do panels at conventions? If so, which one(s) would you prefer?

-If the MSCA had member dues, what would you consider a fair price to pay for the year?  If you’re a member of other groups – or have been a member of groups – what dues did they charge?  What would you expect for those dues?

-Any suggestions for fundraising to help with group activities/publications?

-Would you be interested in being part of a member committee for events, a street team promotions member, and/or hold a leadership position such as Social Media Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, or President? If so, which?

-Do you have any other thoughts about the MSCA and/or the local art scene you’d like to share?

-What other art groups are you a member of?  Do they do anything in particular that you would like to see the MSCA do?  Anything that they do better which we should incorporate into what we do?

Thank you for your participation in this survey and the MSCA!

If you have any news you’d like shared please feel free to mail midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com and/or podcast(at)drawingfunny(dot)com.

Here is what Dale sent out for the MSCA “The Good, The Bad, And The Sketchy” Zine survey (and some of the answers received so far):

Hi! Hope you’re all having a good holiday season! I wanted to touch base with you about our plans for 2024 before things get too hectic…

1. Thanks to all of you who took time to answer our survey from earlier in the year! if you didn’t, it’s not too late – the survey’s located at https://forms.gle/FdAT66kj4sFmTtGr6

That’s also the link where you can see the results and other comments (once you’ve taken the survey). The big takeaway from that is that y’all like contributing, and would like to see regular issues in 2024, with the sweet spot being about 3 issues/year. Along that line…

2. Next issue! We’d like to tie a publication into our “Glass Slipper” summer art show with a FAIRY TALE themed issue! Myths, fables, fairy tales in general, not just Cinderella. Comics & illustration welcome, fan art of existing properties NOT. Deadlines TBA in the new year (with a probable April deadline), but we wanted to give you a head start to cook up some ideas for it…

3. Further down the line: a ROBOT-themed issue! Start kicking some ideas around for this broad theme and see what might interest you. Comics, illustrations, what have you… Again, deadlines TBA, but we’d like to have this one printed for September (in time for Zine Fest & Memphis Comics Expo)…

4. If you’d rather not be on this list (just Kevin’s general MSCA announcement list), please let me know & I’ll drop you from it. No hard feelings 🙂

Cheers to a happy 2024!

– dale.

-Are the specs in our submissions guidelines clear?

-So far, every issue has had a theme. Do you find the themes help you come up with ideas? Or do you find them limiting?

-(That said, we are planning to do a fairy tale themed issue in conjunction with next summer’s Cinderella art show. If you’d like more themed issues, feel free to suggest some ideas you’d be interested in)

5 responses

Robots. Kids. Sci Fi space opera.Cyberpunk, western, racing, steampunk

Robots, Food & Drink

Robots, aliens, movies, superhero, another Memphis issue (“Drawn To Memphis”?), for the Cinderella/Glass Slipper show issue “If The Shoe Fits” or “If The Toon Fits”?

“Animal edition with the theme – If not friend, why friend shaped?” , Magical Person edition (Mahou Shoujo – think of sailor moon, wedding peach, tokyo mew mew, Pretty Cure aka PreCure, etc), What’s in a Name?, Art History gone Bad.

-In the past we’ve bought as many copies as the buy-in allowed for. What do you do with your copies?

-How many issues per year do you think we should publish?

-How many issues per year would you be interested in contributing to?

-How many images per issue would you be likely to contribute?

-We’ve pretty much limited editing to spelling and grammar corrections. Would you like to have more pre-publication feedback/editing guidance?

7 responses

Yep, but I see how that would put extra onus on an editor and bog down the process.SureNoYesNot so much.I wouldn’t be opposed to any advice, especilly if it’s a big blunder!yes!

-Along those same lines, we’ve never had a contributor critique session for our issues. Would you find that useful in improving your work?

-Dale would like to help others learn how to put together their own publications (and in fact issues of “The Good, The Bad, And The Sketchy”). Would you be interested in editing an issue if he was to watch your back?

4 responses

I’d love to see four issues a year, and I’d love to see a complete distribution network in place that can be counted on each time. I can also easily see how growing pains would derail any chance to do four issues a year. That’s just life- but it’s a good goal to dangle in front of us. Having said that- what if one issue a year (or maybe two) are entirely based around one creator’s Story Engine. One creator lays out the world he or she has built and gives particular story ideas to two-person creative pairs. The final book would be a series of small stories that share a single world and framework, but could approach that world from vastly different points of view.

Great work all around, Dale! Thank you

Couldn’t remember if I had answered these or not, but wanted to make sure- and to see the other responses to the survey. Thanks!

I’d love to be able to have someone help with an independant publication if I do not have anything go through with Bad Dog.

Thanks for your time! If you have any other thoughts about our GB&S project, please share them below. Add your email if you’d like specific follow up to any of your comments.

The zine survey is s located at https://forms.gle/FdAT66kj4sFmTtGr6 – or you can copy the questions and send your answers to Dale at the MSCA publications email- mscapub(at)gmail(dot)com.

And don’t forget that we meet from 6-8pm on the first Tuesday of the month at Garibaldi’s Pizza on Walker Ave. off Highland and Southern near the U of M, and will have MSCA Drink-N-Draw and Sat-Art-Days returning to 901 Comics East again soon in 2024.

Happy holidays, and we hope to see you next year…which is now just a week away!