MSCA YouTube Channel Content Needed

The MSCA needs YOU!

We’re looking to add content to our MSCA YouTube account. We’d love to do “Quick Draw” videos that feature our members and their drawing talents. Would also like to do “Member Spotlights” where we do a quick interview with a member, show samples of their work, and tell a quick origin story.

What we need are:

-Videos of you drawing/creating art. It can be either quick doodles in a sketchbook, on a napkin at a dinner meeting, con sketch, or time lapse recorded from your phone/tablet, or drawing program such as Clip Studio Paint.

– Videos can be any length, but since it’s a “Quick Draw” I’d like to keep those around 1-3min each, no more than 5min. If that seems to be too short we can extend them or group more that one together in the future. If your video is only a minute or less we can add multiple videos of yours or combine with other member submission. The spotlight videos could probably be around 5-15min each and include live video and photos of the member’s art, con tables, and/or studio set up.

-We will have copyright free music accompanying them. We can shoot them in your home/work studio, at one of the MSCA meetings, other events, or in the gallery room of 901 Comics East (8551 Macon Road). OR if you’d like to record your own video and  gt it to us to edit that would be fine, too. Just make sure the lighting and sound is good.

-There will be a short MSCA intro at the beginning and each artist in the video will be credited at the end of the video, plus have their website and/or YouTube info at the end and in show notes.

-How often we do these is gonna depend on how many submissions we get, and how fast I can edit them…and the “Drawing Funny” podcast! If you have any video or other tech skills you want to lend please let us know.

-If you are interested in being a part of this please let Kevin know. We can get you all the tech specifics if you’d like to submit, or set up a time to video if needed.

-We’re planning on filming a 1min promo video for the dinner meetings at the next two meet-ups at Garibaldi’s. Would love to get some footage of people drawing and checking out sketchbooks…and eating pizza. Also want to do a short 35th anniversary promo video, so if you have any pics from past meetings and events in 2022 please send us those. Also wanting to do some more “Mule On The Street” videos around town and at events, and showcasing anyone who does animation.

-Please do not feel that if you submit to these that you’re taking away content from your pages or Patreons. If you have exclusive content that you don’t/can’t share that’s understandable, but if it’s older art/bonus features you think would be fine to share please do. We’re wanting to help promote your work. This is more than just a social group, we’re a members’ support group, too.

-I would also like to do a Facebook Live or Zoom “Nights At The Drawing Table” video where we have 2-4 members or so working in their studios and talkin’ toons, much like our montly zoom call meetings back during the pandemic. Maybe we could pic a couple topics to discuss as well what we are working on.

If you’re interested in that let me or Kevin know- midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com or podcast(at)drawingfunny(dot)com.

Thanks, Lin


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We also have a promo spot for the “Drawing Funny” podcast. You can click the player below to listen to it.

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