“Cinderella: Glass Slippers” Theatre Memphis Art Show Prospectus

Mid-South Cartoonists Association Prospectus for “The Glass Slipper” 2024 At Theatre Memphis


-Art due by May 7th Dinner Gathering.  Please bring to the dinner gathering or work out delivery details with Kevin.
-Art show installation will happen June 3, 2024, so the June 4 dinner gathering will be too late.
-Show Dates: Friday, June 7, 2024, to Sunday, June 30, 2024.
-Art show breakdown: July 1, 2024.
-Art Show Reception:  June 12, 2024, from 5pm – 7pm, in the lobby of Theatre Memphis.  We bring soft drinks and snacks.  (If we decide to have wine, we need someone with that license to help.)


As families and school groups will be coming to see the play, keep the artwork family-friendly, based upon the story of Cinderella (we are running alongside Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella).  Any theme of Cinderella can work, but 100% NOT Disney!!  No innuendo, blood or gore (such as the step sisters cutting off their toes or heels to fit the slippers).

Otherwise, be as funny or literal with the submissions as you like.

Reference Material:

Stage play with Keke Palmer as Cinderella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_gELSbUOPM

TV Performance starring Julie Andrews from 1957 Kinescope: https://youtu.be/C1F4YhBOA14?si=q8pLsH9PS9gsqPJ2


Katie Jones has wooden panels available to use that are 11×14” (6 qty available) and 8×10” (10 qty available) for a markdown price of $2 each.  (The last show had 12×12” wooden frames and the show looked great!  Plus, the sizes hung well and were above the heads of people sitting down.)  Any type of framed artwork or gallery wrapped canvas at these sizes will also be accepted, keep pieces lightweight.


Each piece must be signed on the front and back of the visible surface.  A title card should be attached to the back with the following information:  Title, Size, Medium, Artist, Name, and Price.

All work must have professional wiring on the back to keep hanging simple and easy.  This can be done at places like Michael’s, 1910 Frame Shop, and some of our group graduated from art college and can help get this done properly.

If the piece is painted (wood or gallery wrapped canvas) please make sure the sides are painted black.  Frames should be black.

If you choose to do the wood panel but usually work on paper, Katie can show us how to place the paper onto the panel and protect the art.  She states, “…if people generally work on paper I can show them: how to place their paper pieces onto a panel or canvas surface without ruining the integrity of the piece itself, and depending on the paper how to get the appropriate consistent raw edges of the paper to keep things uniform. You can also adhere an illustration board on top of it and I’d ideally use a hot pressed illustration board depending on the backside of it.”

We need a digital photo or scan of the artwork with the same information listed as the file name (Title, Size, Medium, Artist, Name, and Price) which will help with inventory.  Please send to midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com.

Each artist needs to submit a biography with 25 words or less with a blurb about your social media, websites, contact, etc., that you would like to share with viewers of the art.  Please send this to midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com along with your photo(s) and art info.


The theatre will take 10% of the sales. As most sales are impulse buys from guests of Theatre Memphis, they suggest keeping prices around $300; but, no more than $500.


Artists agreeing to participate in art shows will not hold the MSCA nor the location liable or responsible for the artwork submitted.

If you have not participated in an art show before, we’re all here to help.  Ask questions! You can email Kevin at: